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10 Bollywood Movies That Will Force You to Think

  • 2017-10-16
  • Simran
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10 Bollywood Movies That Will Force You to Think

The whole concept of movies and books essentially originated not just to entertain but also, to make the human think and rethink. It is to discover ourselves but overtime, a lot of creators have forgotten the essence and have commercialised the purpose. But again, there do exist hidden gems in the darkest of coal mines and we’ve got some for you. Here, 10 bolllywood movies that will force you to think; to contemplate.

1. Ugly
Despite the fact that this one was directed by AnuragKashyap, it released without any fanfare or publicity to talk of – yet has quite a lot of following. Built on the plot of kidnapping of a little girl, the film makes you face the dark side of human nature; the traits of selfishness, greed, double faces and violence. A troubled, lonely wife is stuck in a marriage with a police officer, the ex husband and her brother are trying to make it big in life, the woman’s friends want to rob her money off and amidst all this chaos, the little girl ends up losing her life. The movie will make you question yourself and awaken your long dead conscience.


2. The Lunchbox
If the world could possibly be shown in a movie, it would be this one. At it once again, Irrfan Khan has broken down complexities of life in simple sentences and acts, wanting to be accepted by the viewers. It questions the conservative Indians who put morals and guards up high even when they make no sense all; like that of an extra marital affair in an otherwise dead marriage. It captures the hollowness of two individuals who made it to the best together; but not together.

The Lunchbox

3. Parzania
You may have not heard about this movie, but trust me, watch it once and you’d be telling everyone about it. ’Tis the true story of a 10-year-old Parsi boy who disappeared after the 2002 Gulbarg Society massacre during the Gujarat riots. The boy’s family then goes on a dreaded journey of finding the son. Due to the gory (or probably the reality) of the movies, it was banned in Gujarat. and The film was actually so close to reality that it got banned in Gujarat when it released. The tragedy shown is so heart breaking and of remorse; you’d question what if it happened to you and thank god for it did not.


4. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
This is your go to movie if you have reached that point in life when you just want to break through it all, isn’t it, ‘my bwoy’? However, how many of us have even done what we’ve seen and preached? None of us quit our jobs and none of us travelled to the La Tomatino festival. The movie is a mirror for those who do not take a day at a time or know their priorities right.We breath but we do not live. The movie is for us.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

5. Shahid
Starred by Rajkumar Rao in those days when he was not even a big deal as today, Shahid is based on a true story of human rights activist ShahidAzmi who was assassinated in 2010.
The life of a man who shone out bright to become a layer despite facing turmoil at the hands of life everyday – but again to only be killed at last; it will make you rethink is what we presume right really right?


6. Rockstar
This ones about a 25 year old who cannot find an outlet to express his love and pain than with music. On a deeper level, though, if you think about it, aren’t we all a little like that?
Watching the struggles of a talented singer and a broken superstar will make you think and re-think the need to not give up; but to channelize the aggression into something constructive.



7. Lakshya
Being aimless in life and careless about career is a phase everyone goes through. Having a quarter-life crisis is not so bad either. However, the magic lies in waking up at the right time. Forget everyone else, the real deal is to surprise yourself with your own capabilities and to do something that you yourself never expected to do. After all, this is what Lakshya taught us. To leave one life and live the other!



8. Udaan
Udaan shall force you to change your opinions about the teenage years of a child’s life. Rohan, the protagonist, home after spending most of his life (8 years) in a boarding school. Much to his disappointment, on his return, he is met by his half brother and an utterly disciplinarian father. Rohan, however, is hell bent and fights his way to get the dreams he had dared to seen, not ready to give in to his father or anyone else. If not anything else, Udaan will teach you to dream, something we forget in the hands of being adults



9. Margarita, With A Straw
Possibly the best and the most underrated performance by Kalki who plays Laila), Margarita with a Straw is the ultimate watch for better understanding of the disabled. It is, unarguably, a classic medico that touches the sensitivities of human anatomy. A much needed movie to be introduced to the Indians, this one deals with the physical and emotional needs of a woman suffering cerebral palsy and her experiments with her sexuality. This movie, with all its warmth and ease, will help you rediscover your thoughts and possibly tend a calmer, gentler self to the world – and to yourself.

Margarita, With A Straw


10. Peepli Live
A breakthrough movie in the category of Social Satire, Peepli live, contrasting to the general concept of a movie that belongs to this genre, is not too boring or too perfect to accept. Based on mass farmer suicide, the movie takes a very genuine take on the flaws of the world we live in, forcing you to reconsider your view on media and politics. As a lot of Bolly flicks, this too is extremely underrated, a lot so due to the low-profile actors like OmkarDasManikpuri and Raghubeer Yadav. If you are a true fan and truly want to witness a piece of facts and understand the indifferent government policies, this is your watch.

Peepli Live




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