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Durga Sohay is a story of courage: Sohini Sarkar

  • 2017-04-13
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Durga Sohay is a story of courage: Sohini Sarkar

From playing Byomkesh Bakshi’s wife Satyavati to donning the simpleton character of Durga in her upcoming release, actress Sohini Sarkar has come a long way. The actress plays the lead role in Arindam Sil’s film ‘Durga Sohay’, which is releasing on April 28. Friday Fans caught up with her recently for a tete-a-tete:

What is Durga Sohay all about?

It’s a female-oriented film and gives a message of women empowerment. You have to watch the movie to know more about the story. Durga comes to the Basak family of North Kolkata to take care of a family member and gets entangled in a problem. How she overcomes it, is a story to watch.

Was playing Satyavati challenging or Durga?

I think Durga was more challenging as a character. The aura around Byomkesh itself speaks a lot, but here the character of Durga was a start from the scratch.

Many big films are releasing during Poila Boisakh. How do you see Durga Sohay faring among the stalwarts?

No film is big or small. It’s up to the audience to decide the fate of the film. If they like the content, directorial effort and the performances, any movie will earn their accolades. It’s not about the budget of the film. The content has to be good. Films like Kaabil and Bibaho Diaries released with Raees and still fared well.

How was it working with Arindam Sil again after Byomkesh?

Arindam Sil makes good cinema and it is always a pleasure to work with him. This film has a lot of his hard work involved.

Why should audience go for your film?

It is a family film and has a strong message to convey. Durga Sohay is a story of courage. Do watch it in the theatres and do not go for pirated DVDs.




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