Thursday, 24th Jan, 2019

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If new releases keep you all waiting in excitement and Fridays signals a wild beating in your heart, then Congratulations you are a Friday Fan, just like we are.

We are a group of Movie buffs and genre or languages have never been able to pose a ‘Deewar’ between us and all the movies out there. This forum is just a small reflection of our love for the Cinema and through this, we would love to spread the love for movies with many others just like us. Interesting trivia to honest reviews, quick reads on movies and stars to the upcoming trailer, a treasure box of Filmy marvels waits for you just a click away.

A thing that started as a time pass activity went on to become a commitment for a lifetime for us and we are absolutely sure that many of you share this same passion and love for the Movies, so what are you waiting for, jump on the band wagon and let us promise together

‘Ye Dosti hum Nahi Todenge’

Anish Agarwal

An entrepreneur by birth and a very dynamic person, Anish has conceptualized the idea of Friday Fans and is willing to share the platform to all video entertainment loving people. Always approachable, Anish thinks smart brings more added value than Working hard.

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Akash Agarwal

Akash is a very practical person who loves entertainment industry and knows that the future of entertainment is through videos. Always enthusiastic to learn different dynamics of business, Akash believes that Good Karma does not go in vein and dedication always pays off well.

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